Two ESTiMatE researchers present at the 3rd Spanish HPC Combustion Workshop (HPCCOMB2021) on 2 July 2021.
ESTiMatE researcher Astrid Ramirez (USTUTT) presents "Reaction model development of selected aromatics as relevant molecules of a kerosene   surrogate – the importance of m-xylene within the combustion of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzen".
ESTiMatE coordinator Daniel Mira (BSC) presents a talk about the ESTiMatE project at the Clean Sky 2 Workshop on Advanced Low NOx and Hydrogen Combustion Technologies.
ESTiMatE researchers are preparing several presentations at the 10th European Combustion Meeting, which takes place virtually on 14-15 April 2021.
ESTiMatE researcher Federica Ferraro (TUD) will present "Evaluation of Quadrature-Based Moment Methods in Turbulent Premixed Combustion".
Dresden, Germany

UPDATE: This event is postponed until further notice.

STFS Institute (TU Darmstadt), Darmstadt, Germany
ESTiMatE researcher Federica Ferraro presents "Soot Modeling" at the EKT-RSM-STFS Seminar.
Brussels, Belguim
ESTiMatE partners present an overview of the project and take part in a discussion on setting up a roadmap for future combustion technology at Clean Sky 2 Workshop on Low NOx and Advanced Combustion Technologies.
Soesterberg, The Netherlands
Presentation: Assessment of a sectional model for soot formation in laminar flames: sensitivity to model parameters, and application to practical fuels Presenter: Abhijit Kalbhor (TU/e)