A list of ESTiMatE´s deliverables can be found below. Only public deliverables are available for viewing. 


D1.1   Report on the signature of the Consortia Agreements

D1.2   Data Management Plan

D2.1   Detailed reaction mechanism including PAH’s, and soot

D2.2   Chemical reaction mechanisms optimized for CFD applications

D3.2   Coupling soot model with all turbulent combustion models

D4.1   Comparison on chemistry/turbulence interaction models

D4.2   Validated advanced methods of moments soot model

D4.3   Validated sectional soot model

D4.4   Assessment of soot models on low TRL test rigs and aero engine combustors

D4.5   Computational performance analysis

D5.1   Measurement data from laminar counter-flow diffusion flames

D5.2   Measurement data from turbulent counter-flow diffusion flames

D5.3   Measurement data from swirling flames

D6.2   Validated phenomenological spray break-up model for air-blast fuel injectors

D7.1   Plan on Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of project results

D7.2   Dissemination and Exploitation Report