University of Stuttgart

The main role of the Institute of Combustion Technology for Aerospace Engineering (IVLR) at Stuttgart University within ESTiMatE is the development and optimisation of detailed and reduced chemical kinetic mechanisms for studying the performance of a kerosene-surrogate.  A kerosene-surrogate is composed of a few components with well-known oxidation paths and with chemical and physical properties that mimic the target fuel (Jet-A1). Therefore, an additional aim of IVLR within ESTiMatE is to provide the composition of a surrogate for Jet-A1.

The detailed chemical kinetic mechanism will be developed for the specific Jet-A1 surrogate based on the combination of the individual reaction mechanisms of each single component of the surrogate. The detailed mechanism will be generated to accurately describe laminar flame speed, ignition delay time and speciation including polyromantic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in aero engines.

The reduced reaction mechanisms will be derived starting from the detailed mechanism, according to the requirements from ESTiMatE partners, to efficiently use those mechanisms in their numerical simulations. Here, the challenge is to obtain a compact mechanism while still keeping the best prediction of all targets of interest.

IVLR will exploit experimental data provided by ESTiMatE partners, besides data from referred literature if advisable, to develop and optimise the reaction models.

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