Technical University of Darmstadt

The Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) is one of the leading science and technology-based universities in Germany.

The institutes involved at TU Darmstadt, the Simulation of reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems (STFS), Reactive Flow and Diagnostics (RSM)-Energy and Powerplant Technology (EKT) groups, especially focus on characterisation of comprehensive energy systems for design, control and optimisation purposes, impacts of energy conversion technologies, renewable energy issues and transition of energy, pollution formation, emission and reduction technologies, techniques of predicting/forecasting.

For these purposes, STFS and RSM-EKT develop and use numerical modelling and advanced simulation techniques along with experimental validation investigations.

The main focus of TU Darmstadt activities in ESTiMatE is twofold. First, the development of an advanced numerical soot model, which is able to predict particle formation and growth at aero-engine conditions. The Quadrature-based Method of Moments (QMOM) will be developed and employed for characterizing the evolution of the particle distribution.

Second, it is intended alternatively to apply LES and the Eulerian stochastic field (ESF) method to predict soot formation in turbulent flames. More specifically, the filtered transported PDF (probability density function) for the fluid phase scalars in conjunction with the required LES governing equations and coupled to the advanced soot model developed within the project will be developed and implemented. The integrated numerical framework will be employed for numerical investigations of laminar flames at high-pressure (up to 10 bar) and turbulent flames, burning kerosene surrogate, which will be experimentally investigated by the other project partners (KIT and TUB).

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