ESTiMATE partners research soot and gas turbines under the IEA Clean and Efficient Combustion Technology Collaboration Programme

Combustion Technology Collaboration Program


ESTiMATE partners from Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) are currently active within the Clean and Efficient Combustion Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) from the International Energy Agency (IEA). This TCP performs active research within combustion, which started with primary fossil fuels and is currently shifting towards new emerging fuels (e.g. e-fuels made from renewable energy, hydrogen, ammonia, etc).

UPV professor José M García-Oliver, who is active in ESTiMaTE´s work on modelling of primary spray break-up and combustion, is specifically involved in soot and gas turbine tasks under the Combustion TCP. “Our involvement in this programme will help expand and develop new scientific and engineering knowledge of combustion that can help manufacturers improve cost-competitive and highly efficient engines, turbines, furnaces, and boilers,” he said. “This also ensures that the work done within ESTiMatE can be disseminated more broadly in combustion community, so that the generated knowledge can be valuable for its progress.”

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